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Had an accident? Then you will likely find yourself in the position of needing vehicle repairs paid for by your insurance company. This in turn means you are likely to lose more money in the form of Policy Excess.


You will also likely be encourage to use their network repairer, whether it's the right thing for you or not. Insurance companies have such high volumes of repairs in their hands that they can dictate terms and conditions; even those which are not in the policy holders' best interests. This will often lead to complaint from customers, due to what they often rightly perceive to be bad workmanship and bad customer service.


It doesn't have to be that way!


Reagrdless of the fault of the accident, you have a legal right to choose your repairer and to request that your insurer is dealt with on your behalf by a fully authorised and registered claims management company such as Carmeleon Accident Repair & Spray Centre in Keighley.


We also pay your entire policy excess up to the value of £300

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We can pay your policy excess up to the value of £300 when you repair your car with Carmeleon. You can also rest assured that you will receive all your entitlements from your insurer after a fault accident or Third Party insurer after a non-fault accident. As well as this, in the event of a non-fault Road Traffic Accident, you will also keep your No Claims Bonus.

We have your best interests at heart, not your insurer's

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We Pay Your Excess

Retain your No Claims Bonus!