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When it comes to alloy wheels, we offer:

  • Alloy wheel refurbishment

  • Alloy wheel repairs

  • Alloy wheel polishing

  • Alloy wheel re-sprays

Are your alloy wheels scuffed?

When it comes to your vehicle's alloy wheels, you want them to look in top condition at all times. At Carmeleon Accident Repair & Spray Centre, we are able to restore your alloy wheels to their previous pristine condition. Our alloy wheel refurbishment service will keep your alloy wheels in great condition and without unsightly damages. So if you have damaged, scuffed or scratched your alloy wheels, bring your vehicle to your local experts in Keighley today.

restored to their pristine condition. For a free estimate, why not call us now on:

01535 662 985

Our highly skilled team have the required experience necessary to efficiently repair your vehicle which means you won't have to be without it for too long. Whether you just need one wheel refurbishing or even a full set, our expert team will ensure your alloy wheels look as good as new again.

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Are your alloy wheels scuffed?

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